Oval Cut Profile Socket

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10mm x 16mm, 25mm x 25mm, 25mm x 32mm, 25mm x 40mm, 25mm x 50mm, 25mm x 65mm, 25mm x 80mm, 25mm x 100mm, 25mm x 150mm, 32mm x 32mm, 32mm x 40mm, 32mm x 50mm, 32mm x 65mm, 32mm x 80mm, 32mm x 100mm, 32mm x 150mm, 40mm x 40mm, 40mm x 50mm, 40mm x 65mm, 40mm x 80mm, 40mm x 100mm, 40mm x 150mm, 50mm x 50mm, 50mm x 65mm, 50mm x 80mm, 50mm x 100mm, 50mm x 150mm